Working the Election Polls

November 06, 2012 0 Comments

So this year I was blessed to have the election fall on November 6th, the day before our trip to Colorado. Gave me a chance to earn a little extra money for the end of the month and keep us afloat after the money we are going spend while on vacation. This isn't my first time working the election but I always seem to forget how disrespectful and outright rude people can be. What makes it all "bearable" is seeing these older people who have done this for a greater portion of their lives get all wriled up over a paper being hung from a door or left on a chair. Is it really that serious, I think to myself. Its not. It will not shake who the Lord wants to be in office so why is it necessary to yell at me and make the whole place uneasy? Sometimes a huge part of me gets irritated because I feel in my bones a huge part of that disrespect comes from people older than me thinking they know better or are above me due to my age. I told the woman that yelled at me that we need to act like professional adults and she looked at me like I was crazy. Haha! You give respect if you want to receive respect. Like the Golden Rule in the Bible says "Treat others the way you want to be treated". The day is far from over and ruah hour madness is.coming soon. I'm praying the remainder of the day flies by quickly and respectfully.

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