More Than A Vacation

October 26, 2012 0 Comments

The works of the devil Conspire all around us. The family in our lives, Down to the stops of a bus. At times we want to lash out, Break down the people around us. Show those that are ignorant, No, you’re not above us.   It takes growth of character, A willingness to be different, To build a new legacy, Unfamiliar to what we grew up in. Break away from the mold! Leave behind that old tree! We’re starting our own book, Just you, God and me.   We both understand New adventures won’t be easy. But to stay in this heap, Just thinking of it, Makes us queasy.   Moments I feel like crying, I thought family would be supportive, Draw me closer to you, And we develop our motive. So if trials bring us closer together, Cause us to realize how we are unique; I welcome every trial with a smile, Since we’ll be developing our technique!   Let the opinions of others, But just what they are. Might implement one or two, But God’s driving this car. Keep our focus on Him, Pray over our decisions. Keep moving on our path, Closer to His vision. Those that don’t understand, Or chose not to listen. Will learn from our actions, They will learn from our provision.   Our spirits yearn to expand, To places our bodies haven’t touched. Where others we know, Might not want to risk so much.   In the end the choice is ours, Stay put or see the Lord’s creations. 2013, will be more than a vacation!

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