Dreaming of Our Future in Fort Collins

October 18, 2012 0 Comments

Last night I had the weirdest dream. I dreamed that my husband and I had gone on our vacation to Colorado with my parents and 2 girl friends (didn't recognize them). When we got there my mom wanted to run around and see all these things that we completely missed our appointment with the real estate agent that was going to show us around Fort Collins. Then by the time I realized it both of my "friends" had lost their money and were wanting to go home. My husband said I was in and out of sleep mubmling words he couldn't understand and he said I kept saying "9". Which is weird because in my dream I keep remembering that one of my girl friends had $11 stolen. Weird. And even though it was weird I remember being sooo happy there. I'm sure Fort Collins is beyond the beauty of my dream but I was really happy that I actually dreamt we were there! Today marks 20 DAYS until we set off on our first ever road trip! Up until this point the farthest we've ever traveled together was San Diego, CA for a fashion show that I did makeup for last year and Oakland, CA with some friends for a birthday party. I've been to Reno, Vegas, and Laughlin as well as Florida in high school for Nationals (cheer competition). Oh, and Mexico but I don't like to remember that LOL! My husband hasn't been so many places and we've NEVER been out of state with just us two! Needless to say I'm SOOO excited! Not just to see a new state but to mark another FIRST for my husband and I. Tomorrow we hit the TEENS in our countdown AND my sister is graduating from the academy and will getting her career started. Going to be a GREAT weekend! Not to mention it's my Friday at work!!!

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