Wisdom on a Sauce Packet

October 12, 2012 0 Comments

Image Last night my husband and I were eating and talking about how excited we are that we are now 26 days away from our big road trip to Colorado! We were also talking about our move and when we are going to start selling our things; when I looked down and saw this beauty lying quietly in my palm. And when I saw it I smiled to myself. As much as I stand by my decisions when I make them, I also have a habit of second guessing myself. Although those thoughts and feelings aren't always expressed with everyone I do have them. But as I've grown I've leaned away from believing in coincidences; because I know now that the Lord Almighty has a specific plan and purpose for all of our lives. I've also grown to understand that those "gut feelings" we sometimes have are God's way of trying to get our attention. Some call it "gut feeling", "women's intuition", etc. but I know that my Heavenly Father is with us when things are good and even more present in our lives when things are bad. At this point in my life I'm happy but unfilfilled in a sense. Happy that the Lord blessed me with a husband that surpassed all my prayers and checklists and happy that he has blessed us with two little companions to train us for children. I undoubtely love my family and friends to pieces; but my husband and I agreed that there was still something that wasn't right with the formula. Since February 2012 we have discussed eventually moving out of state and for the last 7 months the Lord has been allowing Colorado to come up in everything we do, hear and say. Last night, while we were smiling, laughing, planning and being excited like children waiting for a BIG trip to somewhere new this little blessing made it's way into our house. I'm sure that everyone thinks some of the quotes we see on these packets are outright comedic but this one SCREAMED at me! And all I could think was "It's RIGHT!!!" Yes this move might not be all we expect it to be. Yes we might have to struggle a little. Yes we won't have family there. Yes we might get snowed in our home and not be able to go to work. And my last thought was "SO WHAT?!" I won't spend the rest of my life miserable in this crowded, expensive state wondering "What if we would have gone to Colorado?"

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